Guinness Record Run Weekend Clarifications! Stay Tuned.


Guinness Record Run Weekend Clarifications! Stay Tuned.

Postby Machspeed » Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:28 am

We at NSSR are getting several questions and comments on the Menomonie 2010 Guinness Record Run Weekend. Stay tuned here for clarifications that we deem necassary for the event.

1. Top Speed of the Day will be the top speed of either the 1000 foot or the 1/4 mile competition Run and does not need to be backed up. I would assume it will be the 1/4 mile, but you never know. The $1000 Winner Fee will go to the winner of the Guinness Run and we assume it will be the Top Speed. If not, there NSSR will provide a seperate Top Speed Winner Fee of $500 if case this occurs.

2. Records at NSSR require a 2% backup to be official for the 1000 foot Classes, and this will not change for the Guinness Record Run in the 1000 foot classes.

3. The Guinness Record Run does not require a back up run for their record and actually distance is not part of the record. We will go for the Top Speed on Ice and Snow. We are encouraging the Racers to do a back up run to bring additional validity.

4. Safety is imperative at this event. Your Parachute must be functional and we will test each contestant for secure operation of the Parachute. Make sure it is in working order.

5. Track Plates and Cleats: No U shaped cleats allowed of either steel, aluminum, titanium, or other NASA materials. Flat plates are allowed on the outside of the track to extend up to 11 inches in length, but must be approved by the Race Director prior to installing. The Anderson or Wahl flat plates must be secured by a lock nut on the outside of the plates and there are no exceptions. The head of the stud on the inside of the track will have a plate underneath to prevent pulling through a flat speed belt! If you are different than this, you need to be talking to me.

6. All machines must have a tether device.

7. The Race Director and Tech Officials have the right to preclude the competition of any machine if deemed not safe. This does not relieve you of your responsibility to provide safety for your equipment for the crew and other racers/spectators!

8. EMT's will be on the ice and ready to rock and roll if there is an incident. Menomonie Fire/Rescue has 3 life support Ambulances in house and they are located within 2 miles of the track location. In addition, this is a full time facility with 29 registered EMT's and fire personnel. This does not include the part time staff available. The Mayo Branch Hospital is within 3 miles of the Race Site and is set up for Serious Auto Injury Accidents and Trauma. This is one reason for choosing the Menomonie Location. God Bless all the competitors, but we need to be prepared in case of an incident.

9. Others to follow as questions come up.
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Re: Guinness Record Run Weekend Clarifications! Stay Tuned.

Postby quadzillaracer » Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:30 pm

Looks like perfect racing weather for this Saturday in Menomonie. Weather outlook shows around 10 degrees for a high-temperature, should see lots of records broke in many classes, much better weather than 45 degrees last year in Menomonie.

Our Turbo Vmax-4 sled is ready to rock, stuck fuel regulator has been replaced (no more flooding engine going down the track) and nice new 134" Dayco speed band/ Anderson suspension installed. Can't wait to see all the new creations show up on Saturday for the 1/4 mile event...Take care everyone and drive safe to Menomonie! Best of luck to everyone in their respective classes.
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